The effect or buzz that you get from Pamos is similar to alcohol but without many of the harsh side effects. Pamos delivers a low but balanced dose of THC and CBD that allows you to feel good in the moment and stay well in the morning.

Unlike traditional spirits, Cannabis Spirits are non-alcoholic and infused with a balanced blend of THC, CBD and plant terpenes - making it kinder to your body and guilt-free.

THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD is short for cannabidiol. Both are beneficial and natural chemical compounds found in cannabis (hemp, marijuana). THC produces a mental and physical "high" whereas CBD does not have any psychoactive properties. CBD often serves to compliment the effects of THC, resulting in an enjoyable and well-balanced experience.

Cannabis dosage is not one-size-fits-all and tolerance can vary from person to person. Knowing this, we set out to create beverages that are more inclusive to a wider range of people. Pamos spirits each have varied amounts of THC and CBD so you can find the experience that's best for you. JUST STARTING OUT? Our micro-dosed white stone bottle contains 33 mg THC & CBD per package (2 mg THC & CBD per serving) and is a perfect place to start for the new or uninitiated. BEEN THERE DONE THAT? Our lower-dosed red clay bottle contains 100 mg THC & 33 mg CBD per package (6 mg THC & 2 mg CBD per serving) and is recommended for those looking for something slightly stronger.

Pamos is a great stand-in for traditional spirits. For a quick cocktail, enjoy on the rocks or top with sparkling water or tonic, and garnish with fresh citrus, berries or mint. Shake, stir, or mix to make it your own. Need some inspiration? Find our favorite Pamos cocktail recipes

Pamos has an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 0.1%. While there are trace amounts of alcohol from the inclusion of angostura bitters, it contains less alcohol than the average bottle of kombucha.

Pamos was created as an alternative to traditional spirits. We're not anti-alcohol, but we do believe cannabis spirits are a better-for-you option that make a great addition to your bar cart.

Pamos is designed to be fast-acting. Unlike most edibles which can take up to 2 hours for the full effects to kick in, Pamos is quickly absorbed by the body resulting in a gentle buzz that you can begin to enjoy within 10-15 minutes.

Similar to alcohol, the duration of your buzz will vary based on your individual biology (like age and weight), your experience using cannabis as well as how much cannabis you've consumed. Pamos was designed to be fast-acting which means the effects usually begin to wear off after an hour or two after each dose.

Pamos is shelf-stable and safe to store at room temperature making it a great addition to your bar cart. Refrigeration is not necessary to keep it fresh, but we do recommend it if you prefer to have it chilled and ready to drink. To maintain quality, all bottles are opaque and protected from UV light deterioration. We also recommend storing away from direct sunlight for long periods of time and keeping away from high heat sources such as ovens, fireplaces and space heaters.

Pamos is vegan and made with natural, non-GMO, gluten-free ingredients, making it suitable for those with dietary restrictions.

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THC to calm your mind, CBD to ease the body and plant terpenes to uplift and brighten the mood.


Non-alcoholic and hangover-free without sacrificing great taste or a blissful buzz.


A good time in no time. Quickly absorbed for a gentle buzz that you can begin to enjoy within 10-15 minutes.


Just the good stuff. No artificial flavors or sweeteners.